Welcome to LCA

Legal Cooperation Alliance

Is an international team of law firms.

Partners of the alliance across the world

Who We Are


Our aim is to create a global community of lawyers and law firms to have trustworthy partners for cases which have aspects in different jurisdictions.

We wish to give the clients a global reach for international matters, what they access conveniently at a well-known local partner.

Legal Cooperation Alliance

What We Do

We build a global community of lawyers.

We pick carefully our members in order to ensure professionalism.

We make our members visible to other members.

We provide marketing and website development tips, or refresh the webpage of the partners.


We aim to organize conferences and workshops for our members.

We aim to organize informal, shirttail events where we can get to know our fellow members and develop friendly relations.

What We Don't Do

We do not refer clients to our members. Instead, our members refer clients directly to each other.

We do not provide legal services. LCA does not provide legal services to clients or law firms.

We do not handle client data, nor attorney-client privileged information. We do not ask our members to provide any details on cases, clients.

We do not restrict referrals, any member is free to refer any law firms he/she pleases.

Legal Cooperation Alliance

In case you wish to join, write to us!